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Qt Creator Quality Assurance

Auto Tests

Qt Creator's auto tests are actually executed internally only, but you can run them for yourself as well. You can find the auto tests in tests/auto of Qt Creator's git repository. To run them you need to compile Qt Creator first. It's recommended to use a debug build (for Qt Creator as well as for the auto tests), but you should be able to get most of the tests run on a release build as well. Compile the auto tests by running

qmake -r CONFIG+=debug QTCREATOR_REPOSITORY/tests/auto/



afterwards. If you're using shadow-builds you must pass the IDE_BUILD_TREE variable pointing to the build directory of your Qt Creator build to the qmake call. Sometimes it is wise to use

make -i

to compile ignoring potential errors. All auto test executables can be found afterwards inside their respective folders named 'tst_*' (or 'tst_*.exe' on Windows).

Plugin Tests

Qt Creator's plugin unit tests are integrated into the source code of the respective plugins. To execute the plugin tests you'll need a debug build of Qt Creator. After finished compiling you just start Qt Creator with the option '-test all' or '-test PLUGINNAME[,TESTFUNCTION[:TESTDATA]]…' with PLUGINNAME replaced by the plugin you want to test. TESTFUNCTION might contain wildcard characters. If TESTDATA is specified, it will be applied to all matching test functions.

Not every plugin provides integrated plugin unit tests - so for the first time run it might be a good idea to run all tests to figure out which plugin names you can use. If you want to figure out by yourself whether a plugin has tests or not check the pluginspec files inside lib/qtcreator/plugins/QtProject of Qt Creator's repository to get the plugin name you can use for the '-test' option.

Squish Tests

Qt Creator is being tested using Squish by Froglogic. You can find the scripts in tests/system of Qt Creator's git repository. See the README on how to run them.

Manual Testing

Projects and Code
Tools Integration
Debugger g++/gdb
Debugger MSVC/cdb
Debugger lldb
Qt Quick