Removing menubar and titlebar from qt simulator

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Remove Menu Bar and Title Bar from Qt Simulator

If you are developing a full-screen application you might want to remove the menu bar at the bottom and the title bar at the top of the Symbian Simulator. Here is how:

  1. Go to "C:" (or equivalent) and copy the (e.g.) "symbian3" folder to a new folder we'll call "symbian3fullscreen".
  2. Inside the "symbian3fullscreen" folder, open "N8_portrait.png" in Gimp, select all (<CTRL-A>) and delete (), so that you have a transparent png of 360x640. Save, and do the same for "N8_landscape.png".
  3. rename symbian3.config to symbian3fullscreen.config and edit it to:

name:Symbian^3 Fullscreen resolutionWidth:360 resolutionHeight:640 diagonalInInch:3.5 mockup:N8.png offsetX:66 offsetY:153 defaultFontSize:7 style:s60,nseriesblack menuImage:topUp,N8_portrait.png availableGeometry:topUp,0,0,360,640 menuImage:rightUp,N8_landscape.png availableGeometry:rightUp,0,0,640,360 symbianSoftKeyButton:topUp,0,0,640,180,60 symbianSoftKeyButton:topUp,0,180,640,180,60 symbianSoftKeyButton:rightUp,0,0,360,212,44 symbianSoftKeyButton:rightUp,0,427,360,212,44

Restart the simulator. Now, you have an additional device called "Symbian^3 Fullscreen" where your app is shown fullscreen.

On MacOS X you can find the models inside the application package. That is you'd like to copy the symbian3fullscreen directory to <QtSDK folder>/Simulator/Application/