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Qt releasing gearbox

We are targeting to release new minor Qt release twice/year and some patch releases between those minor ones. Target is to release minor releases on April and October. Patch releases are done pretty much need bases: Those can be done immediately when some brown paper bag issue is found & fixed (e.g. security fix) or when there is enough critical issues fixed for next Patch release.

Most of releasing related issues are decided in virtual release team meetings. Meetings are led by release manager and everyone can join to those meetings by informing willingness to release manager. Meetings are held in irc, #qt-releases channel. To get invitation to these meetings please sent request to the release manager.

Qt release phases

Patch release doesn't have official release phases; It is released when needed and when quality is good enough.

Minor releases are going through following phases & initial timing:

Phase Timing
Feature freeze T-13 weeks
Alpha release T-12 weeks
Beta release T-10 weeks
Soft string freeze T-6 weeks
Hard string freeze T-5 weeks
Release candidate T-2 weeks
Final release T

Timings are more or less suggestive and will be fine-tuned for each release to take care of holiday seasons etc.

Qt releases

In the table below is high level schedule. Detailed schedule & patch releases can be found from subpages, links in the each release.

Qt release Planned schedule Actual schedule Commercial Support
Qt 5.1 Release May 2013 July 2013 Ended
Qt 5.2 Release Nov 2013 Dec 2013 Ended
Qt 5.3 Release Apr 2014 May 2014 Ended
Qt 5.4 Release Oct 2014 Dec 2014 Ended
Qt 5.5 Release Apr 2015 July 2015 Ended
Qt 5.6 Release Dec 2015 March 2016 Ended
Qt 5.7 Release May 2016 June 2016 Ended
Qt 5.8 Release Dec 2016 Jan 2017 Ended
Qt 5.9 Release May 2017 May 2017 Ended
Qt 5.10 Release Nov 2017 Dec 2017 Ended
Qt 5.11 Release May 2018 May 2018 Ended
Qt 5.12 Release Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Ended
Qt 5.13 Release May 2019 June 2019 Ended
Qt 5.14 Release Nov 2019 Dec 2019 Ended
Qt 5.15 Release May 2020 May 2020 May 2025
Qt 6.0 Release Nov 2020 Dec 2020 Ended
Qt 6.1 Release April 2021 May 2021 Ended
Qt 6.2 Release September 2021 September 2021 September 2024
Qt 6.3 Release March 2022 April 2022 April 2023
Qt 6.4 Release September 2022 September 2022 September 2023
Qt 6.5 Release March 2023 April 2023 April 2026
Qt 6.6 Release September 2023 October 2023 October 2024
Qt 6.7 Release March 2024 April 2024 April 2025
Qt 6.8 Release September 2024 <tbs>
Qt 6.9 Release March 2025 <tbs>
Qt 6.10 Release September 2025 <tbs>

Branches & Qt versions

There is few different development branches in Qt: Development branch & feature branches (like 5.4, 5.3)

Development branch has content targeted to next minor release (Qt 6.x). After feature freeze of Qt x.y code is branched from development branch to x.y and work for that minor release continues in that new branch. Development branch is again for new minor release Qt x.(y+1).

Feature branches (x.y) has content for next release (minor or patch). Alpha and beta releases are done from feature branch. Release branch(x.y.z) is created after (last) beta release, near release candidate phase. After branching work for release candidate & final release continues in release branch and feature branch is for next patch release.

Release branch is for finalizing the release. All final releases are done from release branch. Only really important error corrections are allowed to be integrated to release branch. Release team is approving all changes coming in to release branch.

More information about branches:

Change log generation

Use http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtqa.git/tree/src/createchangelog/ to generate a change log for a module for a given release. See http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtqa.git/tree/src/createchangelog/README for more information.