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Wiki Cleanup

Wiki Week (2015-05-18 to 2015-05-22)

This week, we'll fix issues in the wiki together. Take a look at what you can help out with.

Editing Info


Quick Access (Portal)

Current Releases (All Releases)
Qt Version New Features Known Issues Change Files State
Qt 4.8.6 Legacy
Qt 5.4.1 New Features in Qt 5.4 Qt 5.4.1 Known Issues Change-files-in-Qt-5.4.1 Recommended
Qt 5.5.0 New Features in Qt 5.5 Qt 5.5.0 Known Issues Change-files-in-Qt-5.5.0 Beta
Qt 5.6.0 New Features in Qt 5.6 TBA

Application Developers (Portal)

Contributors (Portal)

  • Developing Qt (overview)
  • Security: Reporting security issues and the Qt Project Security Policy
  • Qt Project Guidelines Guides and useful information for code contributors to the Qt Project
  • Guidelines: General guidelines regarding Qt code (excl. those specifically for code contributions to the Qt Project)
  • Instructions: Instructions for set-up and tools
  • Documentation: Resources regarding writing documentation and examples
  • Dpointer: What Private Implementation is and how it works

Special Interest (Portal)