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How many functions are there in Qt?

For Qt 4.5.1, on Linux:

  1. This script gives an approximation only!

cd /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.5.1/lib; for thing in QtCore QtGui QtNetwork QtOpenGL QtScript QtScriptTools QtSql QtSvg QtWebKit QtXml QtXmlPatterns phonon Qt3Support QtTest QtDBus; do

printf 's: ' "$thing";
nm -D lib$ | grep ' T _ZN' | egrep -v '11qt_metaca[sl][tl]' | wc -l;

phonon: 424
Qt3Support: 4744
QtCore: 2798
QtDBus: 274
QtGui: 10272
QtNetwork: 879
QtOpenGL: 238
QtScript: 312
QtScriptTools: 17
QtSql: 400
QtSvg: 114
QtTest: 62
QtWebKit: 329
QtXml: 421
QtXmlPatterns: 190
TOTAL: 21474

About twenty-one thousand.

This data includes functions with C++ linkage exported from the Qt libraries.

It deliberately excludes:

  • "tool" modules- QtDesigner, QtUiTools, QtHelp and QtAssistant
  • inline functions
  • functions which are not exported (e.g. in private classes)
  • functions with C linkage, i.e. `extern "C"`
  • qt_metacall and qt_metacast