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This is a page dedicated to PySide (Qt4). For recent development on PySide2 (Qt5) and PySide6 (Qt6) refer to Qt for Python

The PySide project follows Qt Project’s governance model. It allows anybody wanting to contribute to join the effort. The following links are essential reading if you're new to PySide development.


Source Code

Source code repositories are hosted by Qt Project and linked to Gerrit framework for reviewing commits. The actual development occurs in Qt Project’s Gerrit framework. The repositories are officially mirrored to Gitorious and unofficially on GitHub. Patches submitted to GitHub should, ideally, be synced with Gitorious but its probably best not to make this assumption.

Report Bugs and Submit Patches

Developer Tools

Building PySide

PySide on Android

PySide on BlackBerry

PySide Binding Generator

PySide consists not only of Python Qt bindings, but also of a complete generator toolchain for rapidly generating completely new bindings of your own.

Making PySide Releases