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We sporadically hold a Wiki Week to bring order to this wiki. During wiki week we work together on these topics:

This page will contain links to lists of pages that need to be checked or fixed.


Various pages provided by the wiki itself can be helpful in finding ways to improve the wiki – see the Special pages page – in particular:

Uncategorized Categories
You can make one category a sub-category of another by putting the usual category marker for the latter into the former's page. One category may be a sub-category of several others, just as a page may belong to several categories. Remember, when trying to link to a category (rather than add a page to a category), to put an extra colon before the word Category, just inside the double square brackets. (To put this page into the Wiki Week category, it has "Category:Wiki Week" inside double square brackets; where this page links to that category, it has ":Category:Wiki Week|Wiki Week" inside double square brackets.)
Uncategorized Pages
Putting pages into categories makes them easier to find. Many Articles needing cleanup would also benefit from categorization.
The big list of all categories to which it might be worth adding a page or category.
Unused Categories
These are category pages with content but no pages in the category; often, they should just be turned into ordinary pages (and added to suitable categories) instead of category pages.
Wanted Pages
These are pages that somewhere links to but that don't exist; maybe someone mis-typed the text inside some square brackets; or they linked to a page they intended to write but never got round to it.
This is the page for pages and categories someone thinks should be deleted. Be sure to check their Talk pages (see Discussion tab at top of page) in case there have been objections or suggestions for better things to do about the page. If it's more appropriate to move the content elsewhere, it may be constructive to redirect the old page to the new, at least until everything that links to it has been updated. Always check "What links here" in the page side-bar before actually deleting it.
List of Redirects
Redirected pages are usually worth deleting (assuming there aren't external links to it); find what links to them, if anything, and change where they link to, based on the redirect, until there's nothing left linking to the redirected page, which can then safely be deleted.

Speaking of redirects, they are useful when you want to move content; move the page content to its new home and replace it with "#Redirect:" followed by a wiki-link to the content's new home; that'll typically be the new home page's title in double square brackets, possibly with a fragment identifier if you've made the old page a sub-section of another.

Have a rummage around the Special pages page and you'll likely find other useful resources.

Reminder: Code Formatting

A guideline to people writing code examples on the wiki.

For example .pro files need to have

 <code lang="make">

defined in their code block.

More hints