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Up here in the calm and peaceful hills of Norway, we have been browsing the web during the long, dark winter nights. We found resources ranging from small how-tos to extensive tutorials, from beginner forums to places for exchange between experts. The choice is yours!

If you know about a site not listed here or happen to run your own community, feel free to add it.



IRC channels

Qt also has numerous channels on the network, some of which are also bridged to KDE's Matrix instance:

Channel Topic Matrix Bridge
#qt General Qt discussion and help
#qt-quick QML and QtQuick discussion and help
#qt-creator Development of and with Qt Creator
#qt-cmake Qt and the CMake build system
#qt-project The Qt Project - everything about open governance, etc.
#qt-labs Development of Qt itself
#qt-qa Qt Quality Assurance
#qtwebengine QtWebEngine project
#qtwebkit QtWebKit project
#qt-lighthouse Qt Lighthouse project (Wayland)
#qt-3d Qt 3D project
#qt-fr French Qt community
#qt-ru Russian Qt community
#qt-ja Japanese Qt community
#qt-cn Chinese Qt community
#qtTurkiye Turkish Qt community
#qt-italia Italian Qt community
#qt-android Qt for Android discussion and help
#necessitas Necessitas is a community-driven lighthouse-based port of Qt to Android. The Qt Project port of Qt 5 to Android is also discussed on this channel sometimes, but it's better to use #qt-android for that.
#qtjambi Qt Jambi is Qt for Java.
#qt-pyside Qt for Python provides LGPL-licensed/Commercial Python bindings for the Qt framework. The project includes the bindings (PySide) and the binding generator (Shiboken).
#qt-releases Qt release discussion and help
#qt-qnx qnx is the platform for all Blackberry devices.
#qt-ios Development of Qt for iOS
#qt-winrt Development of Qt for winrt (Windows Runtime)
#pyqt Discussion of the PyQt language bindings.
#qt-documentation Discussion of the Qt documentation.
#qt-earth-team Development of Core & Network
#qt-gerrit Qt Gerrit stream
#qt-gsoc Discussions related to Google Summer of Code projects