New Features in Qt 5.2

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What is new in Qt 5.2

Qt 5.2 was released on 12th of December.

The following pages has more information:

New Features

  • Qt Core
    • Added class QCommandLineParser for command-line arguments parsing
    • Added new overload to QObject::connect() to add a context object when connecting to a lambda
    • Added new QStringRef methods; left, right, mid
    • Added QLoggingCategory/qCDebug, qCWarning, … macros to configure what gets logged at runtime
    • Added class QTimeZone to support time zones using IANA (Olson) time zone IDs
    • Added support to QDateTime for new Qt::TimeSpec of Qt::TimeZone and Qt::OffsetFromUTC
    • Added new class QCollator to provide advanced platform-based collation.
    • Added more I/O redirection possibilities to QProcess
    • Added iteration capability to containers in QVariant
    • Added dereferencing to QObject for smart pointers in QVariant
  • Qt GUI
    • Added applicationState() function and applicationStateChanged() signal to QGuiApplication.
    • Added QOpenGLTexture class.
    • Added endian-neutral RGBA8888 formats to QImage.
  • Qt Widgets
    • Added support for embedded clear button commonly used for item view filtering and side actions to QLineEdit
    • Added methods based on QUrl to QFileDialog
    • Added new QKeySequenceEdit class
    • Restore session-management support from Qt4
    • Restore basic startup-notification support on Unix
    • Added placeholderText property to QTextEdit
    • Added getMultiLineText static method to QInputDialog
    • Added tabBarClicked and tabBarDoubleClicked signals to QTabBar
    • Added replaceWidget in QLayout
    • Added an option to have a checkbox in QMessageBox
    • Added duration control on tooltips (e.g QWidget::setToolTipDuration)
    • Added substring support to QCompleter
    • Added buttonToggled signals to QButtonGroup
    • Added retainSizeWhenHidden to QSizePolicy
    • Added resizeContentsPrecision to QHeaderView
  • Qt Print Support
    • Added support to QPrintDialog for advanced CUPS features on Linux, including server-side page range selection, odd/even page selection, pages-per-sheet, job scheduling, and banner pages.
  • Qt QML
    • New property on Qt.application: state.
    • Can now define QML singletons with QML Files
    • Can apply file selectors to support certain styles of cross-platform development
    • qml binary runtime provides a supported method for launching QML-only applications
    • New V4 JS engine
  • Qt Quick
    • New Scenegraph Renderer, for improved performance
    • Texture atlas support in SceneGraph
    • SceneGraph now supports rendering to an OpenGL Core profile
    • New animation types, called Animator, which can run animations on the the scene graph's render thread.
    • Support for external Drag and Drop
    • Threaded render loop now uses one non-sharing OpenGL per window.
  • Qt Quick Controls
    • Added support for editable combo box
    • Added support for multi selection in TableView
    • Added support for setting columns movable in TableView
    • Added Switch type
    • Added BusyIndicator type
    • Simplified deployment
  • Qt Quick Dialogs
    • New FontDialog
  • Qt Quick Layouts
    • Added baseline support to layout
  • Qt Network
    • QNetworkAccessManager: add public methods to pre-TCP/pre-SSL-connect
    • QSslConfiguration: add API to persist and resume SSL sessions
    • SSL code: allow for debugging SSL traffic with Wireshark / tcpdump
    • QNetworkConfiguration: add public member bearerTypeFamily()
  • moc
    • added -M argument to add plugin metadata from the command line
  • Accessibility
    • Enabled accessibility on Mac
    • Made the APIs public so that it is possible to implement accessibility for custom widgets
    • Basic accessibility support for Android
  • Qt WebKit
    • CSS blending
    • Context menus for HTML5 video
    • Canvas Path object
    • GeoLocation (with QtPositioning)
    • Web Notifications
    • Page Visibility API
    • Threaded garbage collection
  • Translations
    • Translation to Italian now available

New Modules

Support for New Platforms

  • Android
    • Full support for camera and recording
    • Low-latency audio (QAudioInput, QAudioOutput, QSoundEffect)
    • Command-line deployment tool
    • JNI convenience API
    • OpenSSL support
  • iOS
    • Media player support
    • Basic camera support (only viewfinder and image capture)
    • Low-latency audio (QAudioInput, QAudioOutput, QSoundEffect)

Qt Creator

  • Qt Creator 3.0
    • Initial iOS support
    • Multi-Screen extensions
    • API Cleanup
    • Enhanced Android support
    • Initial debugging backend for lldb (Mac)
    • Refactored and extended BlackBerry 10 support


  • New reference installers
    • Qt for Android (Mac)
    • Qt for iOS (Mac)
  • New target binaries
    • Qt for Android arm5(Windows, linux, Mac)