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Note: This page is work in progress and should not be considered as final list of Qt 5.10 features before the beta release.

New Features (within existing modules)

  • Qt GUI
    • Added cross-platform Vulkan enablers for Windows, Linux (xcb) and Android (level 23+): QVulkanInstance, QWindow with type VulkanSurface, and QVulkanWindow
    • Added new flags and functions to QSurfaceFormat and QOpenGLWidget to request sRGB-capable default/backing framebuffers
    • The OpenGL ES 3.2 API is now exposed in a cross-platform manner via QOpenGLExtraFunctions.
    • QImages can now use more than 2GByte of pixel data.
  • Qt Widgets
    • QWidget::createWindowContainer() is now functional on Android
    • QOpenGLWidget is now usable for rendering and reading back (grabbing) offscreen content.
  • Qt Quick
    • Added a shapes plugin, providing a Shape type under QtQuick.Shapes 1.0. This allows adding stroked and filled paths into Qt Quick scenes. Such shapes are rendered either by generating geometry or by using the GL_NV_path_rendering extension.
    • Added the Qt.labs.handlers plugin, providing TapHandler, PinchHandler and DragHandler. These are the beginnings of the Pointer Handlers which we have been talking about for some time: lightweight objects for handling events from the mouse or the touchscreen in a device-agnostic way.
    • QQuickItem layers can now request to be backed by multisample framebuffers via the property layer.samples
  • Qt Graphical Effects
    • The effects are now functional also in core profile OpenGL contexts.
  • Qt Serial Bus
    • Added local echo flag to QCanBusFrame to mark frames that are sent from the local system to the CAN bus.

New Modules

Platform Changes

Technology Preview Modules

Deprecated Modules

The following modules are part of Qt 5.10 release, but deprecated and considered for removal in subsequent releases of Qt:

  • Qt Script


Release Information [edit]
Qt Version Overview Tools and Versions New Features Changes Known Issues
Qt 5.0 Qt 5.0.0Qt 5.0.1 Release New Features in Qt 5.0 Qt 5.0 Changes Qt 5.0.0 Beta 1Qt 5.0.0 Beta 2Qt 5.0.0 RC 1Qt 5.0.0 RC 2
Qt 5.0.0Qt 5.0.1Qt 5.0.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.1 Qt 5.1 Release New Features in Qt 5.1 Qt 5.1.0 Change Files Qt 5.1.0 Beta 1Qt 5.1.0 RC 1
Qt 5.1.0Qt 5.1.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.2 Qt 5.2 Release New Features in Qt 5.2 Qt 5.2.0Qt 5.2.1 Change Files Qt 5.2.0 Beta 1Qt 5.2.0 RC 1
Qt 5.2.0Qt 5.2.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.3 Qt 5.3 Release Qt 5.3 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.3 Qt 5.3.0Qt 5.3.1Qt 5.3.2 Change Files Qt 5.3.0 Beta 1Qt 5.3.0 RC 1
Qt 5.3.0Qt 5.3.1Qt 5.3.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.4 Qt 5.4 Release Qt 5.4 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.4 Qt 5.4.0Qt 5.4.1Qt 5.4.2 Change Files Qt 5.4.0Qt 5.4.1Qt 5.4.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.5 Qt 5.5 Release Qt 5.5 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.5 Qt 5.5.0Qt 5.5.1 Change Files Qt 5.5.0Qt 5.5.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.6 Qt 5.6 Release Qt 5.6 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.6 Qt 5.6.0Qt 5.6.1Qt 5.6.2 Change Files Qt 5.6.0Qt 5.6.1Qt 5.6.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.7 Qt 5.7 Release Qt 5.7 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.7 Qt 5.7.0Qt 5.7.1 Change Files Qt 5.7.0Qt 5.7.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.8 Qt 5.8 Release Qt 5.8 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.8 Qt 5.8.0 Change Files Qt 5.8.0 Known Issues
Qt 5.9 Qt 5.9 Release Qt 5.9 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.9 Qt 5.9.0 Change Files Qt 5.9.0 Known Issues
Qt 5.10 Qt 5.10 Release Qt 5.10 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.10 Qt 5.10.0 Change Files Qt 5.10.0 Known Issues