Qt 5.9.1 Known Issues

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All platforms


  • Static builds of Qt with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (through Update 2) do not work and will likely crash at runtime. This is believed to be a compiler bug and therefore an update from Microsoft is required. See https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-59721.


Building Qt modules fails with binaries delivered with online installer see bug QTBUG-53865. Workaround is to build whole Qt from source or have libicu 56 installed on the system.

The Linux build is without accessibility support, see bug QTBUG-61731. This patch should be applied to fix configuration.



Qt for Android known issues



  • Qt Creator uses the wrong mkspec for UWP projects using Visual Studio 2017. If you encounter errors like 'qt.winrtrunner: "<BUILDDIR>/AppxManifest.xml" does not exist.' please set the Kit's Qt mkspec to winrt-x86-msvc2017, winrt-x64-msvc2017 or winrt-arm-msvc2017 depending on target architecture. Afterwards rerun qmake, rebuild and run your application. https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUR-18288
    • Should be fixed in QtCreator 4.3.1


Qt for Device Creation

  • Apalis iMX6: If you boot the device with USB cable plugged in, the debug connection to the device fails. Workaround is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable after the device is booted up, see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-61718
Release Information [edit]
Qt Version Overview Tools and Versions New Features Changes Known Issues
Qt 5.0 Qt 5.0.0Qt 5.0.1 Release New Features in Qt 5.0 Qt 5.0 Changes Qt 5.0.0 Beta 1Qt 5.0.0 Beta 2Qt 5.0.0 RC 1Qt 5.0.0 RC 2
Qt 5.0.0Qt 5.0.1Qt 5.0.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.1 Qt 5.1 Release New Features in Qt 5.1 Qt 5.1.0 Change Files Qt 5.1.0 Beta 1Qt 5.1.0 RC 1
Qt 5.1.0Qt 5.1.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.2 Qt 5.2 Release New Features in Qt 5.2 Qt 5.2.0Qt 5.2.1 Change Files Qt 5.2.0 Beta 1Qt 5.2.0 RC 1
Qt 5.2.0Qt 5.2.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.3 Qt 5.3 Release Qt 5.3 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.3 Qt 5.3.0Qt 5.3.1Qt 5.3.2 Change Files Qt 5.3.0 Beta 1Qt 5.3.0 RC 1
Qt 5.3.0Qt 5.3.1Qt 5.3.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.4 Qt 5.4 Release Qt 5.4 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.4 Qt 5.4.0Qt 5.4.1Qt 5.4.2 Change Files Qt 5.4.0Qt 5.4.1Qt 5.4.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.5 Qt 5.5 Release Qt 5.5 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.5 Qt 5.5.0Qt 5.5.1 Change Files Qt 5.5.0Qt 5.5.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.6 Qt 5.6 Release Qt 5.6 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.6 Qt 5.6.0Qt 5.6.1Qt 5.6.2 Change Files Qt 5.6.0Qt 5.6.1Qt 5.6.2 Known Issues
Qt 5.7 Qt 5.7 Release Qt 5.7 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.7 Qt 5.7.0Qt 5.7.1 Change Files Qt 5.7.0Qt 5.7.1 Known Issues
Qt 5.8 Qt 5.8 Release Qt 5.8 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.8 Qt 5.8.0 Change Files Qt 5.8.0 Known Issues
Qt 5.9 Qt 5.9 Release Qt 5.9 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.9 Qt 5.9.0 Change Files Qt 5.9.0 Known Issues
Qt 5.10 Qt 5.10 Release Qt 5.10 Tools and Versions New Features in Qt 5.10 Qt 5.10.0 Change Files Qt 5.10.0 Known Issues