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Qt 5 and Raspberry Pi combine perfectly in so many ways. The goal of this project is to develop the required enablers for App and Platform Developers to enjoy Qt 5 after investing $35 in a Raspberry Pi board.

We have got some pre-release boards and we have reached the first proofs of concept. We are in contact with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Broadcom to ensure that Qt 5 is well supported and all the components can be released and developed openly.

As we've indicated in this blog post, Nokia is giving away 400 Raspberry Pi boards (Model B) to App and Platform Developers. If you are looking to sign up for Qt on Raspberry Pi Device Program please go here.

Following links should help you get started. See also: Category:Raspberry Pi

Qt on Pi

QtonPi was originally intended as an end to end platform, enabling a developer to boot straight into a controlled environment which could be deployed to via a single click inside of an associated Qt SDK. The maintenance burden of keeping the platform image up to date with the latest firmware, the failure to benefit from other community wide advances such as the Rasbian hardfp image along with the awesome proactive support we have received directly from the Wheezy maintainers have encouraged us to build upon their efforts as much as possible rather than trying to achieve similar ends in parallel.




Qt 5 and Raspberry Pi in Action!

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