Qt Contributors Summit 2021 - Program

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All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST/UTC+2)

Important: Please notice that the time where we will not collide with other BoFs from Akademy is between 12:00 - 16:00 UTC. In case you can move your session to a free slot on that time, please do so.

Pay attention that first column in the time tables shows the start times of a slot in different time zones and not the time span of a slot :-)

Tuesday, 2021-06-22

Time UTC/CEST Main
07:00/09:00 Welcome and Kick-off
07:30/09:30 Keynote from Lars Knoll
08:00/10:00 Unconference: topic pitching, agenda refinement
Main Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
10:00/12:00 Hallway Track Qt Conan packages Qt Multimedia Wayland text-input-unstable-v4 protocol
10:45/12:45 Qt Property Bindings Wayland client BOF
11:30/13:30 Testing upstream changes with downstream modules
12:15/14:15 Wanna help handling oss-fuzz issues? Git submodules
13:00/15:00 Qt for Python 🐍 Moving to qt.git
14:00/16:00 Improve the contributor experience of the Qt project 🎉 (Take II) Should Qt have plugin-based I/O?

(like KIO but better)

Local testing on multiple platforms
15:00/17:00 Qt Creator Feedback Improve the contributor experience of the Qt project 🎉 (Take II) (continuation)

Wednesday, 2021-06-23

Time UTC/CEST Main Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
10:15/12:15 Hallway Track Contributing to Qt Creator
11:00/13:00 Documentation test builds in the CI system Qt WebEngine in Qt 6 Qt Buildsystem Feedback
11:45/13:45 CMake API for QML modules
12:30/14:30 Summaries from sessions - recording
13:30/15:30 QtCS2021 - Module roadmaps - updates from maintainers
15:00/17:00 Closing

More tentative proposals

Input in Qt Quick 3D (aka Pointer Handlers on 3D Models and maybe Nodes; 3D coordinates in HandlerPoint; etc.)

Drag and Drop in Qt Quick: API improvement, maybe in DragHandler? (perhaps not worth a whole session, it's a small topic)