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This Category contains a list of all articles that might still need some work. The Qt Project wiki was migrated from ExpressionEngine to MediaWiki in February 2015, and some polishing is required to complete the migration. For example, formatting and markup might need to be updated.

If you'd like to help, please see Wiki Editing Hints to get started.

Handling articles that are no longer relevant

Some articles are outdated. They could be about old versions of Qt (e.g. Qt 3), platforms that are no longer supported (e.g. Symbian), instructions on how to use the old website, et cetera. Nonetheless, their content should still be preserved for historical purposes, and they could be helpful for users who support legacy software.

Add the {{Outdated}} tag to these articles to inform readers about the outdated nature of the material. Example:

{{Outdated|reason=The Symbian platform is no longer supported.}}

Handling duplicated articles

Some articles are duplicated. For example:

To help prevent link rot, these should be redirected instead of deleted. Please do the following:

  1. Check that the content of the two pages are indeed identical.
  2. If there are any differences, merge and relevant changes into the main article.
  3. Replace the unwanted article with the "#REDIRECT" command. Example:
#REDIRECT [[Building Qt 5 from Git]]

Handling articles that don't belong in the Qt Wiki

An article might, for example, consist of a question instead of educational content. Or, it might be about a 3rd-party tool that is not part of the Qt Project. If you believe that the article doesn't belong in the Qt Wiki, mark it for deletion and provide a reason. Example:

{{Delete|reason=Not related to the Qt Project in any way (past or present).}}

Tagged articles will appear in Category:Delete. An admin will review nominations and delete the article if appropriate. If you disagree with a nomination, give your reasons in the article's Discussion Page.

Handling empty articles

If the article is empty ("Empty" means having no content, except for a collection of categories), then:

  1. Check the article history to ensure that someone hasn't erased the content deliberately. (If they have, it might be better to Redirect the page.)
  2. Check that there are no pages with similar titles. (If there are, it might be better to Redirect the page.)
  3. Mark the article for deletion.

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