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QtCS 2014 Program

If you have topic suggestions, please edit this page and put your suggestion below in a free slot. Please include your name in the topic. After editing the table, please ping tekojo on #qt-contributors-summit on freenode.net IRC. Also please follow that channel as any changes will be posted there.

June 10th 2014

Time Plenary
9:00 - 9:50 Registration and coffee
10:00 - 11:50 State of the project, Lars
Time Room 4 - ECC3 Room 3 - ECC2 Room 2 - ECC5 Room 1 - ECC4
12:00 - 12:50 reserved for table rearrangement free QtCore, Thiago iOS, Richard/Tor-Arne
13:00 - 13:50 lunch lunch lunch lunch
Replicant QObject RPC Android, Eskil Windows (Friedemann) QML test coverage
14:50 - 15:10 Coffee
16:10 - 17:00 Touch and gestures, Shawn/Frederik/Alan/Laszlo CMake updates Mac Port, Morten & Gabriel Qt Foundation, Lars
17:10 - 18:00 Qt Logging and Profiling , Kai Qt3D 2.0 Paul Lemire/Sean Harmer Qt-contributors-summit-2014-Qt-WebEngine / Qt WebKit, Zeno Albisser Qt ambassador program, Tero Kojo
19 -> Evening event

June 11th 2014

Time Room 4 - ECC3 Room 3 - ECC2 Room 2 - ECC5 Room 1 - ECC4
9:00 - 9:50 Qt-contributors-summit-2014-QtPrintSupport - John Layt Physics integration (qml-box2d), Thorbjørn Qt unification, Lars QtWayland
10:00 - 10:50 QML language changes, Simon High-DPI Qt, Morten free qt-project.org site future, Tero Kojo
10:50 - 11:05 Coffee
11:05 - 11:55 QtNetwork QtQuick, Alan Alpert Cross platfotm Manifest.xml/Info.plist free
12:00 - 12:50 Core OpenGL enablers, Laszlo/Jørgen/Paul QtQuick Controls, Caroline & Gabriel QtCore II, Thiago qbs, Joerg & Ossi
13:00 - 14:00 lunch lunch lunch lunch
14:00 - 14:50 QtWebChannel, Milian Wolff Declarative QML, Alan Alpert Qt Muiltimedia Sponsoring Community Contributors - Tero Kojo, Samuel Gaist, John Layt
14:50 - 15:00 Coffee
15:00 - 15:50 Scene Graph, Gunnar Bluetooth Low Energy, Alex Blasche Qt in Scientific Researches, Samuel Gaist QML Language Changes Redux, Simon
16:00 - 16:50 not in use not in use Expiring bug reports, Lars Knoll Qt-contributors-summit-2014-Graphics-tablets, Shawn/Frederik/Dmitri/Boudewijn
17:00 - 18:00 not in use not in use Qt Long-term support releases QQSM, qml state machine

Expanded Descriptions (optional)

QtQuick, Alan Alpert

QtQuick may have all the basics down, but it still has much room to improve. In this session, I will rehash all the currently planned-but-not-started QtQuick work. If any item sparks a contributor's imagination, I will be happy to go into it in more depth.

The biggest such item is the model/view redesign. A big item, revolutionary in scope, but might take a while…

Declarative QML, Alan Alpert

Similar to the ML discussion in April, there are known issues with real-world QML being filled with untoolable imperative snippets. In this session, let's go through as many of these cases as we can find and quickly agree on the correct solutions case-by-case.

If there's time, we should also define the "toolable subset" of QML for future reference (when adding QML APIs or when implementing a strict/toolable mode.

QML language changes, Simon

There are a couple of things we could do with the language to make it easier to use and I'd like to use a slot on the summit for a pragmatic face-to-face discussion about some ideas and reach consensus and agreement what to change. Potential ideas for language changes: 1) Make it easier to deal with import versioning 2) Make it possible to version .qml files 3) Private properties 4) <Your idea if we can squeeze it in>

WinRT, Andrew/Oliver

There's a lot to be done with remaining modules (multimedia, SSL, qt quick controls styling) and integration points (live tiles, charms bar). Let's discuss possibilities & priorities for 5.4 and beyond.

Scene Graph, Gunnar Sletta

Lets get together, see where we are and more needs to be done.

Core OpenGL enablers, Laszlo Agocs/Jørgen Lind/Paul Tvete

Discussing OpenGL enablers in qtbase: QOpenGLWindow, QOpenGLWidget, and dynamic OpenGL on Windows.

Touch and gestures, Shawn/Frederik/Alan/Laszlo

Discussion of future directions to use native gestures when available, including in Qt Quick; progress on treating mouse and touch either the same way or differently depending on app requirements; etc.

Tablets, Shawn/Frederik/Dmitri/Boudewijn

Discussion and/or work session about what art-oriented programs such as Krita need from Qt for a better experience with tablets from Wacom, nTrig and the like.

qt-project.org site future, Tero Kojo

A session on where the qt-project.org site is / should be heading. Discussion and improvement ideas are more than welcome.

Qt ambassador program, Tero Kojo

Rebooting the Qt ambassador program to include more than just application developers. Presentation and a workshop to work out open details. See wiki page [qt-project.org] for details.

Expiring bug reports, Lars Knoll

Discuss how and under which circumstances we could automatically close old bug reports.

Bluetooth Low Energy, Alex Blasche

Discussions and/or work session about the new BTLE API in QtBluetooth. The session will start with a summary of current plans and existing code. It is followed by API discussions and other how-to-go-forward topics.

Introduction to Replicant, Brett Stottlemyer

Replicant is module that provides QObject copies across process boundaries, kind of like QueuedConnections extended to IPC. This session will provide an overview of the proposed sandbox project, and allow Q&A and discussion of its implementation and merits.

Qt Foundation, Lars

The Qt project infrastructure is currently hosted by the Qt Project Hosting Foundation, a non ###### organisation that is fully paid by Digia. The session is there to collect input and discuss how to extend the foundation and allow other parties to contribute to it.

Qt Logging & Profiling, Kai Koehne

QDebug & friends got an overhaul in 5.0 and later releases, but we are not done yet. Let's discuss about next steps & priorities. Also, can we help users to benchmark/profile Qt / their apps better?

QtPrintSupport – john Layt

Planning for print support in the next releases. Qt 5.3 introduced QPrintDevice, QPageSize and QPageLayout. Qt 5.4 should add QPrintJob, QPrintSettings and QPrintDocument. Qt 5.5 should add new dialogs and make the new api public as a new module. At some point platform support for Android, IPP, CUPS 1.6, Cloud Printing, and Windows XPS needs to be added, as does PDF/A document support and Color Management. If you are interested in helping with these features then please attend.

Sponsoring Community Contributors – Tero Kojo, Samuel Gaist, John Layt

Qt has many contributors who are not paid to work on Qt but who may personally incur expenses in their work on Qt, such as hardware, consumables, travel, and conference fees. The project may also benefit from sponsoring some of these contributors to work on new features for short periods of time. This session will discuss ways for the Qt community to financially assist such contributors. Topics could include: how to fund and administer an expenses reimbursement program, how to identify sponsored development needs, how to match developers with potential sponsors, participation in projects like the Outreach Program for Women and Google Summer of Code, the ethics of sponsors affecting development priorities, etc.

If we have time we can also think a bit about involving small companies in Qt.

QML test coverage – Michał Sawicz, Michael Zanetti

We've been rather happy with qmltestrunner, we'd like to show our approach to combining auto and manual test QML code. The thing we've been struggling with is measuring coverage for QML, so that's what we'd like to brainstorm about.

QtWebChannel – Milian Wolff

The missing bridge between HTML apps in QtWebKit2/QtWebEngine and QML/C++ Qt applications. This slot could be used as a review of the existing functionality. Also I hope to discuss what is missing to make the QtWebChannel an official module in time for Qt 5.4.

Qt in Scientific Researches – Samuel Gaist

This session will be about the current state of Qt on the scientific research side through various aspects like tooling, neural networks etc. What is currently existing, what would be interesting to have in Qt etc…