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New Features (within existing modules)

  • Qt Core
    • Added rudimentary implementation of QStringView. It is missing some (important) const-QString functions, but is fully functional as an interface type. To be completed for Qt 5.11.
    • Added many more functions to QLatin1String, too, co-evolving QLatin1String as the const char*-Latin-1-version of QStringView.
    • Added QIODevice::skip() to improve performance in read operations.
    • Explicitly little and big-endian integer types exposed (for instance qint16_le, quint32_be) for machine-independent data-type parsing.
    • Added QRandomGenerator providing a simple API for high-quality (optionally seed-less) random numbers.
    • Added accessors for metadata time fields of files to QFileInfo.
    • Added QSemaphoreReleaser a RAII-style class for QSemaphore.
    • Added QKeyValueIterator for more efficient iteration over keys of an associative container
  • Qt GUI
    • Added cross-platform Vulkan enablers for Windows, Linux (xcb) and Android (level 23+): QVulkanInstance, QWindow with type VulkanSurface, and QVulkanWindow
    • Added new flags and functions to QSurfaceFormat and QOpenGLWidget to request sRGB-capable default/backing framebuffers
    • The OpenGL ES 3.2 API is now exposed in a cross-platform manner via QOpenGLExtraFunctions.
    • QImages can now use more than 2GByte of pixel data.
    • Added QFont::PreferNoShaping style strategy.
  • Qt Widgets
    • QWidget::createWindowContainer() is now functional on Android
    • QOpenGLWidget is now usable for rendering and reading back (grabbing) offscreen content.
    • Added AA_DisableWindowContextHelpButton attribute that prevents the automatic" What's this" button on dialogs on Windows
    • Added tabStopDistance property in QTextOption, QTextEdit and QPlainTextEdit
    • Added selectionEnd(), selectionLength() to QLineEdit, complementing selectionStart()
    • Added setDoubleStep to QInputDialog, to enable changing of the step amount for getDouble()
    • Added isPersistentEditorOpen() to QAbstractItemView, QTreeWidget, QTableWidget and QListWidget
    • Added new style hint: SH_TitleBar_ShowToolTipsOnButtons
    • Added support for specifying custom internal texture formats in QOpenGLWidget
    • QDockWidget acquired the ability to be dropped together side by side
  • Qt Network
    • OpenSSL 1.1 back-end.
    • Persistent store of HSTS policies in QNAM (QSettings-based).
    • Implemented the h2c procotol upgrade used by non-SSL HTTP/2.
  • Qt QML
    • Added support for enum declarations in QML.
    • Added support for retranslation.
  • Qt Quick
    • Added a shapes plugin, providing a Shape type under QtQuick.Shapes 1.0. This allows adding stroked and filled paths into Qt Quick scenes. Such shapes are rendered either by generating geometry or by using the GL_NV_path_rendering extension.
    • Added the Qt.labs.handlers plugin, providing TapHandler, PinchHandler and DragHandler. These are the beginnings of the Pointer Handlers which we have been talking about for some time: lightweight objects for handling events from the mouse or the touchscreen in a device-agnostic way.
    • QQuickItem layers can now request to be backed by multisample framebuffers via the property layer.samples
    • Added font.kerning and font.preferShaping properties for advanced control over the font shaping subsystem.
    • Added advance property to Text to retrieve the typographical advance width.
    • Added Image element support for direct loading of ETC1 and ETC2 compressed textures from .pkm files. (on platforms where ETC1/2 are supported)
  • Qt Quick Controls 2
    • Introduced new QML types: Action, ActionGroup, MenuBar
    • Introduced new styles:
      • the Fusion style offers a platform agnostic desktop-oriented look'n'feel
      • the Imagine style is based on image assets that can be provided using a predefined naming convention
    • Added support for:
      • actions and icons in buttons, delegates, and menus
      • non-exclusive button groups
      • nested menus, and cascading sub-menus
      • wrapping spinboxes
      • propagating palettes (only Default, Fusion & Imagine styles for now, others coming later)
      • specifying the default font and palette in qtquickcontrols2.conf
      • mnemonics in buttons, menus and menubars
    • Added new members:
      • TabBar::index, tabBar, and position attached properties:
      • Dialog::applied(), reset(), discarded(), and helpRequested() signals
      • Dialog::standardButton() method
      • StackView::empty property
      • Menu::popup() and dismiss() methods
      • Menu::actionAt(), addAction(), insertAction(), removeAction(), and takeAction() methods
      • Menu::menuAt(), addMenu(), insertMenu(), removeMenu(), and takeMenu() methods
      • Menu::count and currentIndex properties
      • MenuItem::menu property
      • Container::removeItem(Item) and takeItem(int) methods (TabBar and SwipeView)
      • Popup::enabled, mirrored, and opened properties
      • "horizontal" and "vertical" properties to all controls that had an "orientation" property: RangeSlider, Slider, ScrollBar, ScrollIndicator, SwipeView
    • Other improvements:
      • Added support for specifying a transition for StackView::clear()
      • Made ApplicationWindow::activeFocusControl work with a plain Window
      • Made background dimming for popups work without ApplicationWindow
      • Made Material style DialogButtonBox use the Android button layout
      • Made Default style Slider and RangeSlider visually indicate the progress/range
  • Qt 3D
    • Tech Preview of Skeletal Animation system
    • Animation clocks: Control playback speed of one or more animators from a clock
    • Framebuffer blit frame graph node
    • Proximity filter frame graph node
    • Improved layer filtering frame graph node
    • Shader graphs: dynamically generate fragment shaders from graph based description
    • Sprite sheet support
    • Point and line picking support
    • Camera viewAll command
    • Optional SIMD support
    • Scene2D: Embed Qt Quick content into Qt 3D and interact with it
  • Qt Graphical Effects
    • The effects are now functional also in core profile OpenGL contexts.
  • Qt WebEngine
    • Updated to Chromium 61.
    • Pause/resume added to download items.
    • Added settings for allowing window activation from JavaScript.
    • Added settings for hiding scrollbars.
    • More WebActions that used to be in QWebPage added to QWebEnginePage.
    • New method QWebEnginePage::download for starting downloads programmatically.
  • Qt Serial Bus
    • Added local echo flag to QCanBusFrame to mark frames that are sent from the local system to the CAN bus.
  • Qt Connectivity
    • The UWP bluetooth and BLE backends can now be used on desktop Windows (>= 10) too.
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard
    • Added the following keyboard layouts: Hebrew, Serbian, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Greek, Estonian, and Dutch.
    • Added handwriting support for Farsi, Arabic, and CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean).
    • Added new component (InputModeKey) for input mode switch.
    • OpenWNN:
      • Fixed crash when pressing the space after entering a smiley.
      • Fixed and optimized OpenWNN engine
  • Qt X11 Extras
    • Added new peekEventQueue() API to peek into the XCB event queue. This enables porting certain Qt4-based applications to Qt5 (those using Xlib's event handling functions to peek into the X11 event queue).
  • Emulator
    • Support multiple screens
    • Plugin support
    • Device mockups are QML based
  • Device Creation / Boot2Qt
    • Device images updated to Yocto 2.3 (pyro)

New Modules

  • Qt Network Auth - Provides support for OAuth1 & OAuth2
  • Qt Speech - Supports text-to-speech

Platform Changes

  • Jira tracking for 5.10 changes:

Technology Preview Modules

  • Qt Remote Objects (TP2) - A module that allows you to easily share QObject interfaces (Signals/Slots/Properties) between processes or devices.
  • Qt WebGL Streaming Plugin - Stream applications to browsers over the network

Deprecated Modules

The following modules are part of Qt 5.10 release, but deprecated and considered for removal in subsequent releases of Qt:

  • Qt Script


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