Qt 5.0.0 RC 1 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Qt 5.0.0 release candidate 1

  • QTBUG-27426: 5.0 Final release tasks

All platforms

  • QTBUG-28393: Some examples are missing from the Qt Creator's welcome screen
  • QTBUG-28421: Not all examples are shadow build compatible
    • Workaround: Disable "Shadow build" in Qt Creator Project Settings (Project -> General-> Shadow build)
  • QTBUG-28418: Webkit examples are not available under Qt Creator / examples page
  • Setting Qt Creator interface language to german and russian doesn't work on Windows and Linux.
    • Workaround: copy the .qm files from "5.0.0-rc1/<compiler>/translations" to "Tools/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/translations"


nothing yet


  • QTBUG-28343: openssl structure layout is binary incompatible between releases
    • Workaround: Use openssl 0.9.8 on windows to match the version used for the package builds
  • QTBUG-28420: QML Webkit (youtubeview/flickerview) examples crash on Windows
    • Workaround: set PATH=PATH;C:5.0.0-rc1\5.0.0-rc1\msvc2010\libexec
  • QTIFW-177 Qt SDK 5.0 doesn't remove C:after uninstalling on Windows
    • Workaround: Remove manually C:after uninstalling

Mac OS X

  • QTBUG-28336: Mac: qmake references nonexisting directory
  • QTBUG-27415: Mac: all CJK users can't select correct font via file dialog
  • QTBUG-28389: Mac: Documentation is shown and then disappears in Qt Creator
    • Workaround: Set scrollbars to always show in the General section of System Preferences
Release Information [edit]
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