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Known Issues - Qt 5.0.0 release

All platforms

  • QTCREATORBUG-8377: Qt Creator shows no Qt 5 examples / examples from wrong version
    • Workaround: This can happen only if you have previous versions of Qt without appropriate documentation installed, and this is used as "Default" Qt version. Go to Options - Build & Run - Kits and select the Qt 5.0.0 kit as the default one. Restart Creator.
  • QTIFW-195 MaintenanceTool always tries to completely uninstall despite user selecting update
    • No workaround yet.
  • If you earlier have installed Qt 5.0 betas or RCs, Qt Creator may be picking up settings left behind by those
  • Some QML examples (QML Camera, QML Video Shader Effects, flickrview, youtubeview) will not build correctly by default.
    • Workaround: Uncheck the shadow build flag in the projects build configuration.


  • QTIFW-191 Installing Qt 5.0.0 to /usr/local gives error "Could not write installer configuration …"
    • Workaround: Either install into a location writeable by the user, or run installer with sudo and fix file permissions afterwards
  • QTBUG-28183: Dead keys don't work (Unable to input characters with diacritics)


  • QTBUG-28728: Binary installer package for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 is not available yet.
    • Qt 5.0 can be built successfully from source using Visual Studio 2012
  • Change request 43190
    • win_flex.exe didn't work on Windows XP (and reportedly, not with mingw on Windows 7 either)
  • Visual Studio Add-In v1.1.11 does not work with Qt 5.0
    • Version 1.2.0 can be used
  • QTIFW-177 Qt SDK 5.0 doesn't remove C:after uninstalling on Windows
    • Workaround: Remove manually C:after uninstalling
  • -Bug 104436- [Qt] MinGW-w64 64-bit build fails when linking libQt5WebKitWidgetsd
    • qtwebkit doesn't build with MinGW. Disable webkit by removing the qtwebkit, qtwebkit-examples-and-demos directories before building
  • QTBUG-28743: configure.exe missed
    • configure.exe is only part of the .zip package. Workaround is to download this one, or do a 'touch qtbaseitignore'
  • QTBUG-28915: pdb files should be distributed for visual studio debug build
    • If you want to debug into Qt libs, you need to build qt by yourself for now.

Mac OS X

  • The binary packages do not support Mac OS X 10.6.
    • Workaround: To use Qt on or for 10.6, you need to build Qt yourself on a 10.6 machine
  • If Xcode Command Line Tools are not installed, installation fails with "Error while relocating Qt: Can't invoke otool. Is Xcode installed?"
    • Workaround: In Xcode, select Preferences -> Downloads-> Components -> Command Line Tools.
  • QTBUG-28336: Mac: linker warns about non-existing directories
    • Workaround: Not needed, the produced binaries work.
  • Accessibility on Mac is disabled. Will be enabled in a future release.
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