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Known Issues - Qt 5.1.0 rc1

All platforms

  • Installation over the existing installation not supported
    • QTIFW-278: SDK 5.1.0 rc1 : installation over existing installation fails
  • QTBUG-28357:QML apps based on QQuickViewer are not runnable using static build of Qt 5 due to "qtquick2plugin" issue
  • QTBUG-31565: When deploying a Qt Quick Controls based application, it is currently necessary to install all the relevant qml and js files. This can be problematic on some platforms, and we plan to address this in the future.
  • QWidget::createWindowContainer doesn't work as expected
    • QTBUG-31774: Widgets created with QWidget::createWindowContainer does not respect shortcuts on X11
    • QTBUG-31775: Widgets created with QWidget::createWindowContainer does not have correct focus/activation
    • QTBUG-31776: Input/focus combined with QWidget::createWindowContainer behaves incorrectly




  • QTBUG-31823: Qt 5.1.0-rc1 registration fails sometimes on windows
    • In case it pops up a message that there was an unexpected exit code of the sdktool
    • Ignore that messagebox and register Qt in QtCreator manually. Afterwards everything else should work as expected.
  • QTBUG-31786: big source package requires perl for configure.bat
    • Use the split source packages
    • Workaround: Install perl
    • Workaround: Go to qtbase and run configure there, then build module by


  • QTBUG-31788: Binary installer fails to install with "Couldn't get authorization"
    • Workaround: Start the installer with "Run as Administrator"
  • QWidget::TabletEvent is not working, since 5.0.0.
  • QTBUG-31784: Text Editor example's text selection is broken
  • QTBUG-31785: QSslSocket errors when running youtubeview example
  • QTBUG-31067: Windows: quick/demos/maroon example application doesn't exit normally
  • QTBUG-31800: WMF backend on Windows with OpenGL - video playback is broken
    • Workaround: Use an ANGLE build of Qt.
  • Qt Enterprise Maintenance Tool shortcut does not work
    • see QTBUG-31826: Qt Enterprise Maintenance Tool shortcut does not work
  • QTBUG-31862: QDir::mkdir for an absolute path will fail if the working directory is not on the same drive
    • Workaround: Change application working directory to drive where path is to be created

Mac OS X

  • Pre-build binaries can not be used for deployment to OS X 10.6
    • The libraries in the binary installer now are compiled with c+11 support, which requires linking against libstdc. This library is available only on 10.7 onwards

' See also QTBUG-31586:sth disabled the c11 option when build static lib on Mac ' Workaround: Compile Qt on your own, pass '-no-c+11' to configure

  • QTBUG-28336: Mac: linker warns about non-existing directories
    • Workaround: Not needed, the produced binaries work.
  • QTBUG-31724: can't debug into qt libs on Mac(it hasn't worked since 5.0.0)
    • Workaround: Compile Qt on your own


See "Qt for Android known issues"


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